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1. Police, Security, Ambulance and close relatives phone numbers

Make sure to have all important numbers in clear view around the house as well as saved in speed dial on every member of the house’s cellphone. Being able to dial either the police, your security company or a close relative in a time of need may be the difference in seconds that save your life.

2. Security System

Invest in a basic security system that has emergency (panic) buttons in key locations around the house. Make sure all the members of your family know exactly where they have been place. Being able to alert your security company of intruders or abnormalities immediately is one step closer to securing your home.

3. Door locks and Window

It is so easy to leave that one window or door open as we rush out of the house, yet spending those extra few moments ensuring that all windows and doors are locked may be the step taken that keeps all of your possessions safe.

4. Gate

When entering your home, watch the gate open and close behind you. As you drive through your entrance those seconds that the gate is still open leaves you vulnerable and open to a threat from someone intruding onto your property. When the gate is closing, keep a panic button close by incase you notice something out of the ordinary.

5. Know your neighbors

When you are away from your house, having a friendly neighbor watch over your home acting like a second pair of eyes that will guarantee that your property remains safe.

As you can see from the above precautions, it is so simple to overlook these points and take many of them for granted, leaving you and your family at risk. Spending a few extra moments each day will give you peace of mind as you worry about the things that matter.

Many thanks,

Team Iqhawe