From humble beginnings Mr Donavan Pillay aka “MR IQHAWE” CEO of the IQHWE GROUP started his enterprise with R160.00, a lot of dedication, extreme hard work and a drive that could make any horse powered engine feel shy. He now has an evident footprint in the security industry with traceable references and accolades in the form of the IQHAWE GROUP

Supported by his wife, Mrs Rebacca Pillay, the Director of Warrior Electronics, their team dynamic has superseded the fallacy that you cannot mix business with pleasure. Their incredible professionalism together has allowed their success to shine.

Mr Donavan Pillay, who grew up without his Dad, from a young age coupled with his brother have endured the harsh reality of life and even though a male influence in his life was not very evident, his mum played a fantastic role in his success. With that under his belt he is the man he is today and strongly believes in Woman empowerment.

All his business ventures are a true reflection of his “CAN DO” attitude and has granted him much success thus far. He has challenged himself to the limit and recently accomplished among others his goal of representing South Africa in the SKIF World Karate championships in Sydney Australia as well as conquering Mount Kilimanjaro….who knows? Everest could be next!

He stands for EVERYTHING but failure and demands the same attitude from his team which makes his ‘GROUP’ an elite force to be reckoned with.